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As someone with no fashion-school background, I was clueless about garment patterns. But if you want to upcycle, you need to know how to break-down and rearrange different garment patterns. The head of the atelier I work with always pushed me to learn how to do the patchwork myself, as the designer. 

For our SS22, I did some of the patchwork patterns myself. In fact, I came up with my own technique to make the process easier. Even so, patchworking can sometimes take up to two days. The hardest piece for me was the patchwork trench coat. It took me three weeks!

These are the pieces I sketched, cut and placed myself:

Here are some backstage photos:

As you can see, I numbered colorful cartoon papers before I cut the fabric. The skirt and the boxers were slightly easier because they were symmetrical. However, the other two pieces took a lot of time and effort.


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